Feb 17 , 2023

Progressive Straightening Keratin Treatment

What is progressive straightening? 

A progressive straightening is a keratin treatment with a progressive effect, that is to say, with the use of the treatment the hair is left in a smooth position and with greater manageability. This type of treatment helps you to control frizz, which disappears with successive applications, and to reduce the curl to the levels that the user wants. 

The result of a progressive straightening in the first application will depend on the condition of the hair, on more porous hair it is more likely to get a straight hair in the first application while on less porous hair the straightening will be achieved in the second or third application. 

One of the advantages of progressive straightening is the ability to control the result so that each user can achieve the hair they are looking for with a series of applications. Its formula based on hydrolysed keratin is not as aggressive as other treatments with the same objective. 

How can I get a stronger smoothing result from the first application? 

If your aim is to achieve a smooth mane, we recommend that you take care to rinse your hair only a little, with this little trick you will achieve a much smoother mane. We also recommend a second application after 48 hours if your hair is not porous and you have not managed to get the keratin to smooth your hair in the first application. 

Once the second application has been made, the treatment should be repeated once a month so that with each application our hair becomes smoother and less frizzy. 

Why choose Liso Pro? 

Liso Pro progressive straightening is a home treatment kit that reduces frizz and volume. Its authentic professional formula with low molecular weight hydrolysed keratin allows it to penetrate the hair fibre and strengthens it from the inside. Its co-wash formula (conditioning base with laxative properties) designed to enhance the smoothing action of its active ingredients allows a single drying and ironing, reducing the number of treatment steps. A convenient and safe way to achieve perfect straightening! 



Amazon Therapy Organic Compaction Professional Brush is an innovative Professional Use product, 100% formaldehyde-free that provides aligned, malleable, shiny and silky hair. Enriched with an exclusive technology + Assets that treat the wires deeply, intelligent system that promotes restructuring of the hair fiber.


AMAZON THERAPY COMPACTION eliminates the volume of the hair while treating and reconstructs damaged strands due to the action of time.

RESULT - Healthy, hydrated, soft and highly malleable hair, with intense shine and frizz-free With Amazon Therapy it is easy and fast to achieve the realignment of dreams. Customers and professionals satisfied with the incredible results obtained through AMAZON THERAPY ORGANIC COMPACTION. 

ORGANIC COMPACTION AMAZON THERAPY has as active blends of 100% organic citric acids and amino acid blends, has several natural components and many vitamins, such as Biotin, Macadamia, argan oil and Ojon.

ORGANIC COMPACTION is a high-performance semi-definitive organic thermal realignment that provides a perfect and natural without that stretched artificial aspect, can be used on all types of hair, is compatible with all chemicals and coloring.

 Amazon Therapy Organic Compaction has several benefits for the HAIRDRESSING PROFESSIONAL such as:

 High yield in the application, Semi Definitive that is, it will touch up only the root in the next application, it has no strong smell and does not cause burning in the eyes.



- Biotina
- Macadâmia
- Argan oil
- Ojon


Benefits of Amazon Therapy Compaction:
- It has no formaldehyde or derivatives
- 100% organic
- 100% vegan
- It doesn't cause burning in the eyes
- It doesn't smell strong
- Do not yellow the strands
- Does not fade hair with coloring
- Totally safe product
- It is compatible with Chemicals and Colorings
- Promotes Hair Growth
- Promotes Hydration


Active Principles:
Blends of 100% organic Citric Acids
Amino Acid Blends




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