May 18 , 2023

Mind Spa

Take your self-esteem and life to the next level.

  • We all need time for self-care, and our feeling towards ourselves can be often ignored. You might be very confident but have low self-esteem. You have high esteem and join just for a tune-up.

For as little as 30 minutes Sit back and deeply relax for in the comfortable  well laid out space. This hypnotic experience is an opportunity to restore your self-esteem. This is an opportunity to review the positives in your life and reconsider old beliefs that no longer serve you. A NON FAMILIAR SPACE CAN BE MORE EFFECTIVE 

What to expect 

  • Deeply relaxed
  • Feel stronger in mind, body and spirit
  • Feeling evervesant
  • Inspired
  • More assertive
  • And much more

we do not currently offer this service but we would love to see you in a perfect health so go search for your space to unwind. 


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