Sew-in Lace Closure/Frontal Systems After-Care

Mar 12 , 2024

Sew-in Lace Closure/Frontal Systems After-Care

A lace closure Pieces are used to mimic a natural hairline as an alternative to leaving hair out in attempts to create a natural look. This replaces your leave out, when applying a full weft/weave hair extensions. closures are considered protective styles because they help preserve your natural hair. This is especially great for people with thinning hair, receding hairline, or those with alopecia because they are able to replace and protect their natural hair. 

our  closures and frontals are hand-knotted to allow flexible parting and show a more realistic looking hairline. Both can be used as a solution to hair loss as well. If you’re experiencing some thinning at the top of your head, a closure would be great to cover that up! If you need a bit more coverage, a frontal is the perfect solution, as it completely covers your hairline.

Application Methods (Glued vs Glueless)  
Glue-less installs tend to last longer, lasting about 4-6 weeks before the closure starts to lift back due to hair growth.
glued applications will last 2-4 weeks, Once the glue begins to lose it's tackiness, maintenance is needed, you can do this yourself by re-applying glue. (How to? See videos on YouTube) 

WE RECOMMEND NOT TO KEEP THE APPLICATION ON LONGER THAN 8 weeks.  Book a REFIT using same hair extensions and hair treatments to go 



Brush out your hair, Use a dedicated glue remover or just utilize some rubbing alcohol to degrease the glue bond (99% alcohol). work the solution underneath the piece so you can easily and completely lift off your lace without any resistance.
shampoo, condition,  rinse and and blowout the closure area

Note: A one layer application can be re-applied without above steps 

Reapply the glue

Once the glue is gone, apply a few dots of strong adhesive along your fake hairline for the perfect hold. Spread the glue thinly across your forehead with a brush and then wait for it to become tacky. 

Secure the lace closure with an elastic headband to hold down the lace piece. This will give your closure time to actually stick to your forehead. You can speed up this process by hovering your blow dryer over your headband to aid this process.

Go to bed with a bonnet to keep your hair in place and hydrated. 

If your hair gets fizzy, wash the top part, blowout and style, this can be done for full head but you will need a time to detangle properly, blowout and dry the weft underneath and style.